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Doko Single Global Trading Game

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Get ready for the game of Doko™ - the World's First Global Trading Game! Trade and collect Doko discs with others on your block or around world in the ever expanding social network on Doko discs are 40mm wide, 6mm thick round. Get Doko discs, register them at and Drop™ discs (trade) them with other Doko players (Traders) Worldwide! Each time a Doko disc is registered, the person who registers it gets points and every time a Doko disc is registered, every person who has every registered it gets points. The more Doko you Drop and Register the more Doko Points everyone gets! Track the progress of your Doko disc - and every other Doko disc in the world at While you are there, you can safely DAT™ (chat) with other Traders who are on-line, DEX™ (message) with those who are off-line and play 100's of games. The Doko Dekoder lets you get official points for registering a Doko that has been registered before. You can also use your Dekoder to convert unofficial points to official points on Doko you have already registered but not yet dropped. Colors and styles vary.

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